Hi gang, no episode this week as we're busy at MCM Birmingham Comic Con. There's plenty to come and check out the blog for our convention coverage - h...View Details

Grant Howitt designs tabletop roleplaying games. Some are utterly bonkers and demand the use of hats and/or toilet paper. Some are dark and challengin...View Details

Endless runners! From Canabalt to Jetpack Joyride - Even Mario got in on the act. Now Jedd Goble of Free Range Robots is getting ready to release Grav...View Details

Look, I REALLY wanted a picture from SEGA's classic After Burner but I'm currently schmoozing some of SEGA's employees to come on the show and don't w...View Details

  Sometimes people get divorced.  Sometimes you find yourself in your thirties and hopelessly lost in the new world of dating.  Sometimes you turn all...View Details

Ahh holidays, vacations, time away. New adventures, new cultures, an opportunity to think about ideas that you don't have time to cover.Oliver Dall we...View Details

We love conventions at CfG! Meeting new people, playing games, cosplay, buying things and more! Darius and Jayde of All Around the Board accidentally ...View Details

I'll be honest, I haven't actually listened to this episode yet (yay for technology) but I expect Coach Austin will talk about the myths and facts of ...View Details

When he grew up in the 90s, Rami learned to play a bunch of old games that were hard as nails. His NES was filled with challenges that gave him the sk...View Details

Arcade machines. Once upon a time you'd find them in chip shops, shopping centres, and arcades full of flashing lights, bleeping sountracks, and smoki...View Details

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