First of all I'm sorry to you dear listeners and sorry to Ches. I don't know what happened to my audio but I am a little Daleky.   With that said... C...View Details

Coach Austin has a new toy. He's quite excited. So what is it? How does it work? Can it measure body fat? What benefit does it offer over tradition me...View Details

Rami The Gutsy Geek is not a fan of long distance relationships. His longest one lasted a month, and she only lived one city away. But many geeks meet...View Details

Robin met Colin at Insomnia62. Colin was at the SpecialEffect community party and wearing a bear kigu. Naturally Robin spoke with him almost immediate...View Details

James Banks has been in esports for years. From a player in Counter Strike, Street Fighter V and Tekken, to his current place as a top commentator and...View Details

Powering Up with CBD!?    This 4/20 Episode Special is about Coach Austin's personal experience with taking Cannabidiol, CBD, for the last six weeks i...View Details

eSports! Coahcing for Geeks founder, Robin Bates, is a complete an utter eSports N00b. At least he was until he went to Insomnia62 and PAX East...Eyes...View Details

  Dating is rough for everyone. But it's especially rough if you've just gotten divorced and have been out of the game for a long time!In this week's ...View Details

Beth Malcolm, AKA Amazonian Cosplay, takes her work to the next level. She not only hand crafts her work, which has included Cersei Lannister, Flemeth...View Details

The gym. The hulking beasts and clanking machinery. The lithe and the petite and the muscular gathered together to sweat and grunt and...   And that's...View Details

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