We're in between seasons so will be filling your ears with all the MCM London Comic Con press interviews.

Up first - it's the voice of Bender, Jake the Dog, Joker, Wakka, Marcus Fenix, Aquaman, Galactus, Lunatik and many more besides.

Ladies and gentlemen, we had the honour of meting John DiMaggio!

From Futurama to Adventure Time via Final Fantasy and Gears of War - the man with the voice was an absolute delight.

Here's the unedited press interview for your listening pelasure.


Meanwhile... at Coaching for Geeks

So that's Season One done.

What now?

We'll be back with more coaches, more geeking out, more confidence, careers, creativity, dating, esports, health and fitness.

In the meantime check out the MCM London Comic Con coverage on the blog, plus UK Games Expo, and all the geeky life stuff you could want. - https://www.coachingforgeeks.com/blog



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We won't see you next week, but there will be more from the MCM London sessions.   

In the meantime - stay awesome.


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