On with the MCM Sessions! And this time it's the guys from Grand Theft Auto V.

Ned Luke, Shawn Fonteno and Steven Ogg voice the three playable protagonists of Rockstar’s acclaimed gangster drama, which is set in the fictionalised LA of Los Santos.

Ned Luke (Boardwalk EmpireLaw & Order: SVU) plays middle-aged ex-robber Michael Townley, who is living under witness protection in Los Santos as ‘Michael De Santa’ following a botched bank job. Depressed by his staid new life and dysfunctional family, Michael returns to his bad old ways, kicking off a crime spree of epic proportions.

Los Angeles-born actor and rapper Shawn ‘Solo’ Fonteno plays Franklin Clinton, a former gang member who attempts to ditch his past by working as a repo man for a shady car dealership. However, a run-in with Michael draws Franklin back into the criminal lifestyle, with the pair forging a father/son style bond as they carry out heist after heist together.

Steven Ogg, whose recent small screen credits include WestworldThe Walking Dead and Better Call Saul, plays pilot-turned-criminal Trevor Philips, who used to be Michael’s best buddy back in their bank-robbing days. Unstable, violent and high on his own supply, Trevor runs a drug-trafficking and gun-running operation out of his trailer park home.


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