First of all I'm sorry to you dear listeners and sorry to Ches. I don't know what happened to my audio but I am a little Daleky.


With that said... CHES HALL! The host of +7 INtelligence, the podcast all about how games impact society, joined me (Robin) to talk about his past, his key learnings from Season One of +7 Intellgence, and how games continue to have an impact on us all.


We talk NASA, lifting equipment, mental health, and gaming, plus everything ins tore for Season 2, starting on 11th of June 2018.



Head over to to get your hands on the podcast!



That's Season One finished! We'll be back soon with new coaches, new topics, and a microphone that doesn't crap out on your last episode of the season.

Until then enjoy the short MCM London Comic Con interviews we'll be putting out and don't forget to join us on the blog:


or in the Facebook group:


for all your convention survival, cosplay epicness, esports getting goodery, career levelling, dating excellence, and fitness fabulosity.



We won't see you next week. But we will see you soon for Season 2 of the Coaching for Geeks Show!


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