Beth Malcolm, AKA Amazonian Cosplay, takes her work to the next level. She not only hand crafts her work, which has included Cersei Lannister, Flemeth, Queen Hippolyta and more, but also treks out into the wilderness to take scenic photographs.

Follow Amazonian Cosplay on Instagram, Facebook, and find her full portfolio on the Amazonian Cosplay website.

Beth goes on to edit the photos to create stunning pieces such as Flemeth (check out her links to see the pics!).

Beth joined Robin not only for the cosplay panel at MCM Birmingham Comic Con, but for this week's episode of the Coaching for Geeks show to discuss her work, influences, competing in cosplay competitions, handling haters and so Robin can make a terrible joke about worbla.


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The blog is heaving with cosplay, conventions, how to earn more money, fitness...

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Never forget to be awesome, and we'll see you next week.




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