Arcade machines. Once upon a time you'd find them in chip shops, shopping centres, and arcades full of flashing lights, bleeping sountracks, and smoking youths shovelling 10 pence piece after 10 pence piece into the coin slot.

Here in the UK the arcades have mostly gone and those that struggle on are filled with fruit machines and rigged games of 'skill', to win tokens for something you could buy from Argos for a tenner.

But still their legacy lives on in console and PC games, to the immersive adventures in VR, and at site specific installations.

The 80s never truly went away and Mark Ashmore of Future Artists has brought them back to the heart of London with the History of Video Games exhibition on Carnaby Street.

Robin met with Mark to find out what inspired him to curate a collection of arcade cabinets and consoles, where he sourced them, how he becasme such a demon at Track and Field, what else Future Artistss is up to, and to mangle some Star Wars quotes.

Quarters at the ready American chums, it's time to go down the arcade.



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History of Video Games and Future Artists

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And don't forget to be awesome!

We'll see you next week.


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